Several Famous Places in the World that You Should Visit

Travelling takes you to the great experience of your life. You might get inspired of which you see on books or television telling you that you have to go to great place in the world. Actually, there are lots of famous places in the world that you should visit before you die. It is known that every country has its landmarks and it makes you have a lot of dream that you should go and come to them. Well, plan your traveling and visit several great places in the world:

  • Paris

All the people in the world know that Paris is the best destination to travel. It is well known with the landmark which is Eiffel Tower. This is one of famous places in the world that makes people want to go there, especially for couples. This is a romantic city of France that you should visit and enjoy the surrounding.

The second country that you need to visit is England. Well, London has thousands things to know so that you can see where the queen country is. London has London Bridge in the middle of Thames River. You can also visit Buckingham Palace which becomes the house of Queen Elisabeth II. This is very famous since all the people in the world like to see the royal family.

  • Italia

If you want to be the witness of historical places in the world, Italia will give you a lot. Here, you can see lots of historical places in the middle age which is well preserved by Italian Government. You can visit several places, like Colosseum, Pisa Tower, and lots of museum which tells you about the history of Italia.

  • United States

US always attract the tourist to come in the country. It is a superpower country that you should visit. It would be nice for you to visit the landmark of the US like Liberty Statue. It is the symbol of Independence Day of America on 4th of July. You can also visit Hollywood where the famous actress and actors live. Do not forget to visit New York as well. Those places will give you great impressions during the vacation.

Those are several famous places in the world that you should visit. You cannot just see them on books or television as you should travel and visit those places someday and see all in real.