Beautiful Travel Destination in July
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July always presents its hot weather. The peak of hot summer is in this month. People would like to have a great holiday during this summer season, because people around the world can see the beautiful scene or nature just like a paradise. And, what can be more awesome than so many travel destinations in July?

July is the best month to have a long holiday to some awesome places. You will not disturb by the rain fall, and the light scenery would be what the most interests you. So, where are the places that you should go in this July? Below are the wonderful travel destinations in July for you.

1. Iceland

You can take a dip in Geysir's hot springs or visit Thingvellir National Park, since the good weather of July allows you to go wherever you want in Iceland. The temperature would vary between 8° at night and 15° during the daytime.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia can be the best destination at this time. The equatorial climate tempered by the sea breezes, the lot of sunshine, and ideal temperature of 25-30°C, will make you see the true paradise in this country. You can go to Java, Bali, or wherever you want.

3. Africa

Mauritius can be a good choice for you as the temperature still mild and even a little cold at night. The sky is clear and the freshening breeze will welcome you at this place. Madagascar can be the next option. The dry season temperature will accompany you in 28° daytime and 15° in nights.

4. Puglia

Puglia is in the heel of Italy. It is quieter and more laid-back than many parts of the country. Some places is waiting to be discovered if you are a holiday-makers. The beautiful sandy beaches, food scene, and the beautiful old towns, Savelletri, will welcome you if you go there.

5. Turkey

Istanbul gets really warm in July. The place tends to have little rainfall. This is of course perfect weather for you. If you go there, the coastal destinations in southern Turkey have better bargains. Even though sometime it is crowded, but for you who want to have memorable holidays, it is worth to try.

That is the five places to go with wonderful summer scenery. The travel destination in July, will allow you to have interesting story you can share with you friends when you got back, or you can keep it on your memory as the long lasting wonderful journey.