5 Top Travel Destination In Indonesia
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Indonesia is a huge country where more than 17,500 islands scatter which most of them left unexplored. Also, Indonesia is home for more than 700 languages and 300 ethnics. While you may think that Bali is a great travel destination in Indonesia, which is true, however, Bali is not the only place you can visit, since there are many other attractions that should becomes your travel destination in Indonesia that worth traveling. Where to go? Discover 5 places to visit while traveling Indonesia will give more alternatives before you set your destination around the country. Bandung or it's also known as Paris Van Java, that is located in west java, you can start your travel destination there. Visiting Bandung, you will be spoiled with exquisite scenery like tea plantation and more.

Food travelers, however, will be pleased to know that Bandung is very popular for its food from traditional to international. Those who love fashion, Bandung is very accommodating as you will find a myriad of factory outlets. Not to mention, it is not necessary for you to pay more as the price is affordable, but ensure that you buy your fashion needs like clothing through factory outlets. Next travel destination in Indonesia to visit, then can be Yogyakarta. In fact, this is a great place to experience art and culture. In addition, there are many popular tourist attractions that make your time there unforgettable. Visiting the temple, palace, and famous street like Marioboro are some among other things you can spend while you are there.

Komodo island is another great travel destination in Indonesia that you shouldn't miss. The island which is located in East Nusa Tenggara is a place where Komodo dragon live, a deadly giant lizard. Though you are not recommended to directly interact with its natural creature, but Komodo island caters its visitant with breathtaking view. Another destination that you should consider, it is Manado that is located in North Sulawesi. What you can find there? Track back to the history, that place is used to be Dutch stronghold. Indeed, there aren't many left. Even so, its nature such as, Lake Linow and Lake Tondano are worth visiting. And the last yet not the least thing is Pulau Seribu or you can spell it as Thousands Island, this one is located near the capital of Indonesia DKI Jakarta. Unlike the city that is so hectic with its hustle and bustle, Pulau Seribu gives you serenity.